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Your heating system is a very important aspect of your home. You need to be able to rely on it to safely keep your family warm and  your home comfortable throughout those cold winter nights. Most homeowners are not aware that there are multiple types of heating/cooling systems to choose from. Matrix Energy Services can help you choose the right system for your home comfort needs.

Gas Furnace Heating Systems:

Forced air gas furnace systems are the most common home heating systems in the Pacific Northwest. With natural gas becoming increasingly more available, transitions from oil and electric systems are more viable than ever. With efficiency up to 98% and local utility rebates up to $3,550.00, gas furnace systems are a great choice for you home comfort system.


Heat Pump Heating/Cooling Systems:

Forced air heat pump systems are among the most efficient home comfort systems in the world. With ever increasing heating (HSPF) and cooling (SEER) efficiencies, heat pumps are always a great choice in our climate. Heat pumps use electricity to initiate a refrigerant cycle that extracts heat from outside air and brings it into your home. Heat pumps provide your home with heat down to 30* after which a backup heat source will take over. Backup heat can be either electric resistance heat, or gas forced air heat. Heat pump systems are the best in our climate for energy efficiency as well as comfort. With systems up to 10.6 HSPF and 18 SEER, Matrix Energy Services can provide you with a turn-key heat pump heating/cooling system that will save you money year after year.


Geothermal Heating Systems:

Geothermal heating systems are popular throughout the world for their ability to extract heat from the earth rather that the air like traditional heat pump systems. Geothermal systems are most popular in colder climates that cannot enjoy the benefits of an air-to-air heat pump system. Rather than extracting heat from the air via an outdoor unit, the geothermal system uses underground pipes to transfer heat from the earth which stays at a steady 50*-55*, or from a standing water source such as a pond or lake. With federal tax credits of 30% of the total price with no cap, the geothermal system is a feasible option for your home.


Oil Heating Systems:

Oil heating systems are slowly becoming a thing of the past here in the Pacific Northwest. In a time when the cost of heating oil was a non issue, oil systems were the most popular. Thousands of homes convert to natural gas or electric heat pump every year to enjoy the substantial energy savings. If you are thinking about converting from oil, Matrix Energy Services can help you decide which system is best for your home.

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Electric Forced Air Heating Systems:

Electric forced air heating systems use resistance heat coils, rather than a heat exchanger, to produce heat for your home. Electric heat systems are typical in areas that do not have natural gas available. Electric heat systems can be a good option for low initial cost compared to a heat pump system but are not particularly economical.